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The most thorough and useful  book about wedding officiating ever. Insights fill the gap in practical education of clergy and Officiants world-wide, whether experienced or novice, whether serving congregations or providing for non-religious weddings in the community.
Sensational means giving our all with enhanced skills that elevate involvement and performance to launch couples unforgettably into commitments that hopefully last a lifetime.

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Published through Amazon and Smashwords.

“…a must read for any wedding Officiant looking to sharpen his or her skills…gem packed with great nuggets of wisdom and practical advice.” Rev. Rudy H. Heezen M.T.S.


Self-help books for organizing a sensational wedding.  

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Volume 1 –   Give Yourself a Sensational Wedding Ceremony    Amazon & Smashwords
Volume 2 –   Give Yourself a Sensational Wedding Rehearsal    Amazon & Smashwords
Volume 3 –   Give Your Wedding Sensational Add-On Ceremonies    Amazon & Smashwords
Volume 4 –   Give Your Wedding Sensational Sound and Music    Amazon & Smashwords
Volume 5 –   Give Yourself Sensational Pre-Marital Counselling    Amazon & Smashwords

Secrets to developing sensational weddings from Rev. Ray Cross’ extensive experience.
More resources on his site, 905-404-9920
(Thanks to my daughter Andrea for providing rich insights from extensive experience as a wedding photographer.)

Discover the Spiritual Gift in You

Twenty-six  years of teaching seminars and courses are the basis of this life-changing book. Here Rev. Raymond Cross provides a starburst of careful biblical research from the original New Testament Greek. firewoks cover 16 24and insights gleaned from interaction with students of all ages and backgrounds. The book builds a basis to enthusiastically appreciate personal uniqueness as well as stimulating loving consideration for God’s purposeful design for others who naturally approach life very differently.

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J outer coverA biblical study that establishes the deity of Christ with such clarity that you may even use it with Jehovah’s Witnesses, using their own New World Translation.

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Ray’s familinsurancey was thrown into turmoil by a gas explosion and an insurance company determined not to honour their coverage of the claim produced by that event. This ebook, and the hard copy version, Fire Insurance and You, share hard lessons learned about how to pressure an insurance company to pay. Highly acclaimed by insurance legal representation.

Available through major eBook distributors world wide.
Published through Amazon and Smashwords.

Hard copy version available for $10 plus postage from .

And the PINK SNOW Fell…

This book shares the quagmire of complications presented to the Cross family when their home was collateral damage from a gas explosion. Ray and Diane struggled to comprehpinksnowend being trapped in the midst of flying debris as their home folded in around them. Then, to add insult to injury, their insurance company pursued a track to settlement which included abusive distortion and penny pinching tactics that drove them to the advocacy of a public adjuster and to the courts to gain the coverage their policy promised. It is an heart wrenching story of struggle and the basis of Ray’s insurance advocacy books Fire Insurance and You, and the ebook version, Make Your Insurance Company Pay.
And the Pink Snow Fell… tells their story in pictures and text. Previously available in book stores. Now available only here for $15 plus shipping.

98 pages  36 pictures and illustrations  Copyright 1995 Rev. Raymond J. Cross
Essence Publishing  ISBN# 1-896400-03-5
Chapter 1 – Building up to The Explosion
Chapter 2 – The Explosion Lets Loose
Chapter 3 – Memories of November 10
Chapter 4 – Struggles Coping with Loss
Chapter 5 – Extended Consequences
Chapter 6 – Inner Turmoil
Chapter 7 – Opportunity in Tragedy