Traveling Light

By Rev. Ray Cross

Travelling light, preferably with carry on luggage only, may contribute significantly to an enjoyable, productive, hastle-free travel experience. The fact that your luggage is not entrusted to others reduces the possibility of misrouting, theft or luggage damage or tampering. You won’t have to wrestle with or pay porters, and there will be no shipping charges. Take public transport rather than taxis or limos, saving money and enabling more intimate contact with places and people. Greater flexibility is an added bonus – trains or buses are a cinch. If the hotel where you are dropped doesn’t please you, just walk to the next without encumbrance. When faced with delays or missed connections all options are open. You can switch to earlier fights or sell your ticket when flights are overbooked.

Traveling this way requires careful planning.
· A flexible backpack works best. It be easily stuffed into available stowing places, or into the size requirement frames.
· Choosing clothing on the basis of coordination and crushableness is important as well, so that it can be used for all of the variety of social situations you will face, and look appropriate to them as well. Roll your garments to keep them from wrinkling, rather than laying them flat.
· Pack breakable items in the centre of your pack, stuffed with and wrapped in articles of clothing.
· Use crushable clothing to shim pillows to your liking, rather than taking a pillow with you. A little extra to slant the pillow to support the crock of your neck works well
· Fluids will need to be packed in small bottles stored in plastic bags, so toiletries must be chose wisely.
· A packing list will be essential so that you can pack with greatest consistently and with greatest efficiency.
· By keeping it simple, on the basis of that well designed list, you reduce the panic of concern you might have forgotten something.


Exercises for 30,000 feet

by Ray Cross

While flying, a friend of mine experienced an attack of deep vein thrombosis, a problem that develops due to the pressures of pooling blood in veins, usually in the legs. I suppose it’s something to be expected, since our bodies depend on the assistance of muscle-movement for the return of blood to the heart. Without this movement blood may pool, veins be stressed and muscles can cramp.

Being encapsulated in aircraft seats during lengthy flights provides conditions ideal for the development of such complications. Compression stockings may provide assistance in preventing swelling of the ankles and feet as well as improving blood return to the body from the lower legs. Your doctor may prescribe them. The stockings may be purchased from medical and surgical supply companies and will need to be individually fitted to your leg measurements.

Movement while flying is also very important in order to avoid problems, especially as we age. If the flight is long, get up and move around the cabin periodically, even if you are in a window seat, requiring others to move to let you out. Between times it is also recommended that you do exercises appropriate to the space for three or four minutes every hour.

1. Throughout the flight, lift your feet a few inches off the floor periodically and circle your ankles clockwise then counterclockwise several times.
2. Lift one leg with knee bent while contracting your thigh muscle. Alternate legs. Repeat this 20 to 30 times for each leg.
3.  Start with both heels on the floor and point toes upward as high as you can. Put both feet flat on the floor then lift your heels high, keeping the balls of your feet on the floor.      Repeat this action in a continuous motion and in 30-second intervals.
4. Bend forward slightly. Clasp your hands around the left knee and hug it to your chest. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds. Keeping hands around your knee and slowly let it down. Alternate legs and repeat several times.

A few controlled exercises while seated may also limber your upper body:

1. To reduce tension in the shoulders and triceps, raise you arms over the back of your head, holding the elbow of one arm with the hand of the other. Gently push on the elbow. Hold this position for ten seconds. Do not force it. No discomfort should be felt. Repeat for the other side.

2. Raise your arms over your head, interlocking the fingers, palms turned up. Stretch upward gently. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat.

3. Roll your shoulders forward, backward, lift them up and down.

By doing these things you not only reduce your health risks but minimize bodily stress in flight.

Apart from getting up and walking around while moving, similar exercises, driver excepted, would be beneficial for a lengthy road trips as well.

Introduction to Quotable Quotes


Throughout my life and during more than thirty years of ministry I have been an avid collector of quotable quotes for use in tuning my own life, to prime thought and for inclusion in my teaching and preaching. Many quotes came out of my reading and study. Others I heard in sermons and conversations. Some of the best, in my opinion, came from people that may never be famous, but the freshness of their expressions speak volumes with razor sharp wit and wisdom.

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.  –  Fitzgerald

Quotes included in this collection are presented because I considered them thought provoking, not merely because I agree with their message or that they follow a certain school of thought. So, some quotes may rattle your cage, as they have mine. Some will affirm your present stance. Some will provoke your search for facts to assess their merit. Whatever they do for you it is my hope that wisdom will be the result. It is also my hope that, if you are a teacher or preacher, these quotes will offer you an efficient way of adding the sparkle of sharp quips to your speeches, lectures and sermons.


I have included as much information about the sources of the quotes as I had on file.
To my knowledge it is accurate, though incomplete.


Visitation quotable quotes

If we do not go, they will not come.  –  Ray Cross

Four types of church visitation:

A man who had visited a church the week before and left a visitor card indicating he would like a visit from the pastor, was stopped at the door by the pastor who asked, “I tried to visit you this week but couldn’t find your location. Where is 40th and Plum? ”  “Forty miles out and plumb in the middle of nowhere.”

The doctor went to see her,
But the pastor didn’t go,
For the doctor was called for
But the pastor didn’t know.
The doctor was rewarded
With a handsome check,
But the pastor for not knowing
Simply “got it in the neck”!

Beauty Qutoable Quotes

I Corinthians 4:7

We are born with one face, but–laughing or crying, wisely or unwisely–eventually we form our own.  –  Coco Chanel

A wife who had reached the point of having nothing to wear spoke to her husband about it for weeks to no avail. Finally she splurged on a very chic, very expensive chemise dress. That night she put it on and glided into the living room for her husband’s approval. Looking up from his paper, his eyes almost popped out of his head. “All right, dear,” he said resignedly, “You’ve made your point — for heaven’s sake get a new dress.”

She has such a sour look that when she puts on face cream it curdles.

The poorest may be neat.

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

Beauty magazines make you feel ugly.

If ignorance is bliss, why place a brighter light above the mirror?

Auntie: “When I was child I was told that if I made ugly faces my face might stay that way.” Response, “Well, you were warned.”

As a beauty I’m not a great star;
Others are handsomer far;
But my face — I don’t mind it,
Because I’m behind it;
It’s the folks out in front that I jar!

A good appearance is a letter of recommendation.  –  Spurgeon

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and people appreciate it too.  – Ray Cross

That in you armpit you’ve a grisly guest,
A reeking he-goat.  No babe goes to bed
With such a evil beast:  all fear this pest.
You’ve got to stop your stinking or be done
With wondering why they take one whiff and run.  — Catullus, Roman poet 84 – 54 B.C.

Dress right.  You cant afford not to.

When a man gets gray hair he looks distinguished.
When a woman goes gray she looks extinguished. — Diane Cross

Tradition quotable quotes

We’ve never done it that way before; it can’t be right.

Tradition is the living faith of the dead and traditionism is the dead faith of the living.  –  Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Traditons are group efforts to keep the unexpected from happening.  –  Mignon McLaughlin

Some people never change their opinion because, after all, it has been in the family for generations.

The church that is dependant on its past history for its miracles of power and grace is a fallen church.

Tradition takes what has come down to us and delivers it over to self-evidence; it blocks our access to those primordeal ‘sources’ from which the categories and concepts handed down to us have been in part quite genuinely drawn. Indeed, it makes us forget that they have had such an origin, and makes us suppose that the necessity of going back to these sources is something which we need not even understand.  –  Heidegger, Being and Time p. 43

The word traditon means “from hand to hand.” Religious tradition becomes dead and sterile when it passes through generations without real encounter with them. When there is dialogue between truth and life, the tradition grows, accumulates understanding and skill, and becomes equal to the challenges of such new age. The concepts of religion therefore have to be kept in dialogue with man and confirmed in his life.  –  R.L.Howe, The Miracle of Dialogue


Teaching quotable quotes


You teach little by what you say, but you teach most by what you are.

You are never ready to teach a lesson until you have taken four long looks:
the look up in prayer for illumination,
the look within for personal preparation of heart,
the look at the lesson until it saturates your mind and grips your soul, and
the look at your pupils’ lives so you will strive to teach needs, not just teach facts.

A successful teacher needs…
The education of a college president,
The executive ability of a financier,
The humility of a deacon,
The adaptability of a chameleon,
The hope of an optimist,
The courage of a hero,
The wisdom of a serpent,
The gentleness of a dove,
The patience of Job,
The grace of God, and
The persistence of the Devil.  –  Good News Broadcaster


Talent quotable quotes


Many people…are failures because they overemphasize their own importance. That is the temptation of talented people.  –  Bob Jones Sr., Things i Have Learned p,141

The real tragedy of life is not in being limited to one talent; but in the failure to use the one talent.  –  Edgar W. Work


Warfare quotable quotes

If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you, and only a precarious chance for survival.  –  Winston Churchill

It is too late to look for arms and begin to drill when in the presence of the foe.