Author Raymond Cross BA, BTh

From Ray’s extensive experience as a Wedding Officiant Ray provides secrets to help couples develop sensational weddings…. His site,, also provides extensive ceremony resources to client couples. / 905-404-9920


Self-help books for organizing a sensational wedding.  

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Volume 2 –   Give Yourself a Sensational Wedding Rehearsal:   50% coupon code XM25Z 
Volume 3 –   Give Your Wedding Sensational Add-On Ceremonies: 50% coupon code AD66N
Volume 4 –   Give Your Wedding Sensational Sound and Music50% coupon code TD98R 
Volume 5 –   Give Yourself Sensational Pre-Marital Counselling:  50% coupon code VQ79M
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For 26 years Ray traveled teaching a consistently well received Spiritual Gifts Seminar. This book is the first in a line of resources to share this richly rewarding  teaching.

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Contact me for updates on the release of audio and video seminar resources for spiritual leaders and churches interested in presenting this in Seminar format, in Home Bible Studies and in youth and adult Sunday School classes.

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Spiritual Gifts series:

All Spiritual Gifts in the Bible
Spiritual Gifts: A Spectrum of Gifts

Motivational Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Motivational Giftedness
Spiritual Gifts: Your Motivational Gift
Spiritual Gifts: Prophesy
Spiritual Gifts: Serving
Spiritual Gifts: Teaching
Spiritual Gifts: Exhorting
Spiritual Gifts: Giving
Spiritual Gifts: Administering
Spiritual Gifts: Showing Mercy
Spiritual Gifts: Motivational Gifts in Action
Ministry Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Activity Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Administration Gifts
Manifestation Gifts
Spiritual Gifts: Manifestation Gifts
All Gifts in Concert
Volume 15 – Exercising Gifts


This inexpensive Bible study includes a licence to reproduce as many as you choose. It establishes the deity of Christ with such clarity that you may even use it with Jehovah’s Witnesses, using their own New World Translation.

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Ray’s family was thrown into turmoil by a gas explosion and an insurance company determined not to honour their coverage of the claim produced by that event. This book shares hard lessons learned about how to pressure an insurance company to pay. Highly acclaimed by insurance legal representation.