Who is Jesus?


 J outer coverLift your spirit heavenward with this Bible study about who Jesus is. Great for personal devotions or home Bible studies–for evangelism, new believer support, cult proofing or for evangelism of Jehovah’s Witnesses, even using their translation.

Since Christianity is more relationship than religion, it is essential that we know who Jesus is. We must know Him, not merely know about Him. This stimulating Bible study will lift you heavenward with the thrill of how absolutely clear and certain is Scripture’s teaching about the deity of Christ.
You will find this a superb teaching tool for discovery of who Jesus is revealed to be in the Bible: excellent for personal study, for home Bible studies–
1. For Evangelistic Use
2. For New Believer Support
3. For Cult Proofing
3. For Cult Evangelism, especially of Jehovah’s Witnesses
4. For Personal Growth and Enjoyment