Sensational Wedding Officiant

by Rev. Raymond Cross

The naive view Officiants as merely talking heads, but Officiants are only too aware that there is enough to this role to challenge and stretch us to our limits. On top of this, sensational does not just happen; it must be created. Sensational involves giving our all with skills that elevate involvement and performance to launch couples unforgettably into commitments that hopefully last a lifetime. So together we investigate an Officiant’s role, skills for exciting, fun and creative rehearsals, spell-binding ceremonies and quality business standards and practices.
Officiants do not work alone; they enlist synergistic cooperation of all ceremony participants and professionals. This involves delicate work behind the scenes and commanding presence wedding day. By working in this manner, Officiants may provide significant impact not only on wedding couples and guests but on wedding professionals as well.
Insights come from more than forty years of Officiating, analyzing what works and what doesn’t and seeking creative solutions. Teaching takes into account new paradigms created by the almost limitless expansion of ceremony variables created by the internet and the movement of wedding ceremonies out of the confines of church traditions. It includes complexities, subtleties and surprises navigated along the way to high quality, smooth officiating.
It’s a Mr. Fixit to improve the many strengths and weakness of wedding ceremony processes, as well as innovate more effective approaches to enhance all aspects of the wedding ceremony experience. Insights fill the gap in practical education of clergy and other Officiants.
Whether with years of officiating experience or just starting out, whether officiating in churches or in the community, you will find this the most complete and practical book about wedding officiating ev er written.


This book is a must read for any wedding Officiant looking to sharpen his or her skills. The book is gem packed with great nuggets of wisdom and practical advice. As an Officiant myself, I am grateful Ray spent the time and effort writing this book. I know the content will benefit me greatly.   — Rev. Rudy H. Heezen M.T.S.